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Thank you for visiting the Oral Health Care Centers website and allowing us to share with you the latest information on total dental care.  I believe that the current state of the art and science of dentistry makes it possible for almost all people to retain their natural teeth throughout their lifetime. Preventive measures, good service, and timely and high-quality treatment make this a practical objective one that is essential to enriching the quality of life for all.

Those whom I serve will be given every benefit possible within the limits of my knowledge, experience, judgement and economic ability. I will continually strive to improve my knowledge and skill so long as I shall treat others, sharing my knowledge and experience with all who seek it, for the benefit of all. Achievement of this goal will be sought through the following:

  1. Continual awareness of the necessity to provide maximum quality service every moment I am performing treatment or counseling a patient.
  2. Readiness to seek advice of others whenever I can find it helpful, by means of consultation, conversation, and referral of patients as indicated.
  3. Program of continuing education by means of professional meetings, reading, and formal courses.
  4. High-quality staff of employees whose standards of performance are the best obtainable.
  5. Careful management of financial affairs so that I will be free to perform the highest possible quality of service.
  6. Education of patients and others who might benefit from dental health care information.

Doctor-patient relations are best when based on a mutual understanding. We make a special effort to explain everything to you regarding your condition, medications, treatment, etc. If you ever have questions or if something is not clear to you, do not hesitate to ask. Our personnel, office procedures and dental equipment have been chosen with much thought and care to provide quality dental services in a pleasant, efficient and friendly atmosphere. If you have any suggestions or complaints regarding our service or fees, please tell us so that we may better serve you.

We trust this website answers any questions you have. However, please contact us if you need further clarification. We also welcome any suggestions you may have about our office, services or website. By listening to your thoughts, ideas and suggestions, we can continually make the necessary changes needed to provide you with the best service possible.

We thank you for the confidence you have placed in us. We are complimented that you have chosen us. You may be assured that we will do everything to make your visits to our office as pleasant as possible.

-The Oral Health Care Centers Staff

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